Written by @pramodk73, 7 months ago

A review of the most popular tools for building a micro SaaS business

Building a large scale application and small scale application have so many differences. It is applicable even in terms of the tools that are used to build the application. For micro SaaS applications, the simplicity and speed of usage is very important. I would like to talk about few tools I use to build a micro SaaS application.

1. Vercel

Vercel It is a hosting platform for different kind of applications like NextJS, React, Angular, Flask, Express etc. It can easily integrate with github and it sets up the auto deployments without much efforts. It provides a free hobby plan where you can quickly deploy the applications and worry about the pricing later at growth stage.

Pros: Simplicity, free plan, quick to setup, supports wide range of applications.

2. Supabase

Supabase Supabase is backend as a service. It provides authentication, storage, database etc out of the box. These services are essential for any micro SaaS and getting all of them at one place is a winner in itself.

Pros: Auth, storage, database out of the box; simple, easy to setup.

3. Mixpanel

Mixpanel It is important to track the usage of the application to understand what people are interested in. I use mixpanel for analytics. It has a free plan to start with and has limit on reports you can save which is fine. You can create different types of reports depending on multiple attributes of the events. It is very flexible in that aspect.

Pros: Flexible, powerful