Written by @pramodk73, 7 months ago

Day work also helps side hustle, finally!


I have been doing 9 to 5 job since 2014. I have seen different types of work environments, teams, systems, from worst to best. On the other hand, I have been very keen on trying out stuff on side so that I can come out of this daily job and be independent.

It is a common conception that working on side hustle along with the 9 to 5 job is just energy draining and creates a friction on both the sides. Indeed, it is. Nonetheless, people still prefer to do side hustles along with daily job because of the risk involved.

Just to be positive and look for few advantages of working on side hustle along with daily job, I could find few points.

Time management

It is not required to tell that we get into issues of managing stuff on both the sides, we spill over deadlines, work late nights, etc. Handling both daily work and side hustle, even though we get frustrated, it teaches use to manage our time efficiently.

Work delegation

One of the important skill for side hustle is to manage multiple products in parallel. It is important to learn to get over a system that you built from scratch. If we have to manage side hustle along with daily job, we need to figure out ways of delegating the work to others. This helps us in even managing multiple products in parallel as side hustle.