Written by @pramodk73, 7 months ago

Small bets in SaaS

There are two ways of building a SaaS portfolio. One is going all in on one product at one point of time and the other is having multiple products running at any given point of time. I prefer the second way and I would like to justify it with few reasons.

Micro SaaS target very niche segment or market in general. These markets are very volatile in nature as it is not diversified well. What works today will not work tomorrow. It is important to keep ourself up to date to match the requirements of the niche. The environment itself changes rapidly and there are huge chances for the product to stop serving the purpose. The recent Twitter API changes is the best example. Countless small SaaS players who build solutions on the Twitter API are out of the business overnight. So, it is very important to understand the risk and diversify the SaaS portfolio in general.

It might sound counter intuitive to focus on multiple products at a given time if you are starting off the SaaS business but once you get seasoned, you understand that it is important to stop thinking too much about one particular product and get a fresh view. This help in improving the SaaS offering in general.

It is needless to say that it is not black or white, you need to understand what works for your and once you get seasoned in the game of micro SaaS, you will figure out how many products you can handle in parallel. In general, it would be either 2 or 3.